SWEET TREART On-The-Spot Photo Hunting Competition

SWEET TREART On-the-Spot Photo Hunting Competition

Calling all photographers!

In celebration of good food and art, we’ll be hosting our first ever on-the-spot photo hunting competition on Sunday, June 22, 2014. Just like the theme, “SWEET TREART”, we’re looking for the best shots that perfectly capture the sweet atmosphere of Masterr Singapore Ice Cream. Photographers of all ages and experience levels are invited to participate, all you need is a working camera and a dose of creativity!

Official prizes include:

  • 1st Prize: IDR 750.000 + vouchers from our sponsors
  • 2nd Prize: IDR 500.000 + vouchers from our sponsors
  • 3rd Prize: IDR 250.000 + vouchers from our sponsors
  • Favorite Photo: Vouchers from our sponsors

How to Enter

Contest is limited to 100 participants only. Send in your details to eventmasterr@yahoo.com before June 22, 2014 to participate.

For further information, please email us eventmasterr@yahoo.com
Please read our terms and conditions before entering the contest.

Masterr Singapore Ice Cream thanks our valuable partners and sponsors: HiLo, Bank Mandiri, Nutrimart, Zalora, Peco-Peco Sushi, Warung Ikan Cak Yu, Cuanz Cafe Penyetan, bobababe, C3n Chinese Course, Club Air Mineral, Kogyo

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