SWEET TREART On-the-Spot Photo Hunting Contest Terms & Conditions

Contest is limited to 100 participants only. Registration must be made via email to eventmasterr@yahoo.com by June 21, 2014.

Participants must confirm their participation by coming to Masterr Singapore Ice Cream outlet at Ciputra World Surabaya on Sunday, June 22, 2014 between 09.00-10.00 AM (WIB), and purchasing an ice cream menu.

One ice cream purchase grants the participant with one entry. Participants will receive a free goodie bag (with compliments from HiLo, e-Money Bank Mandiri, vouchers from Nutrimart, Zalora, Peco-Peco Sushi, Warung Ikan Cak Yu, Cuanz Cafe Penyetan, bobababe, C3n Chinese Course, and more.)

Each participant can purchase a maximum of five entries.

Participants may submit photos of the following nature:

  • Expressive shots of models eating Masterr Singapore Ice Cream products. Models will be supplied by Masterr Singapore Ice Cream and will be available during the contest.
  • Atmospheric photos of Masterr Singapore Ice Cream outlet (signature cart and ice cream products must be visible).
  • Creative shots of Masterr Singapore Ice Cream products, taken during the contest.

Competition will be held for 90 minutes, from 11.00 AM (WIB) to 12.30 PM (WIB), at Masterr Singapore Ice Cream outlet at Ciputra World Surabaya.

Participants are allowed to use any type of camera, including DSLR and gadgets. Use of effects or minor editing is allowed so long as it does not alter the content of the photo.

Participants may submit as many photos as the number of ice cream purchased during registration confirmation. For example, a participant who purchased two ice cream products may submit up to two photos. Photos must be submitted to the competition committee by 12.30 PM (WIB). Participants may submit photos via Instagram or via file transfer to Masterr Singapore Ice Cream’s computer.

Judging is done on the spot. Winners will be announced on Masterr Singapore Ice Cream’s Instagram account.

Competition winners may claim their prizes at Masterr Singapore Ice Cream outlet at Ciputra World. Valid ID must be shown when claiming the prize.

The winning photos will belong of Masterr Singapore Ice Cream, however copyright remains with their respective photographers. Masterr Singapore Ice Cream may use the winning photos for publication purposes. Participants may include their photos in their personal portfolio.